About Us

#PlantATreeWithMe was launched on World Planting Day - 21 March 2020 - by Carbon Plantations (Pvt) Ltd of Sri Lanka. Our goal is to improve the livelihood of the local community while reducing atmospheric carbon through the planting of fast-growing Gliricida trees. The trees turn CO2 into timber and foliage that is sold to produce both green fuel and biochar.

We are a Sri Lankan company solely dedicated to supporting rural communities draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as marketable wood and foliage.

We help the local community to cultivate the fast-growing Gliricidia trees on their land and guarantee them a market. The trees sequester carbon that is used to create a renewable fuel gas as well as biochar, thus creating a sustainable cycle.

What drives us?

Simply reducing carbon emissions will not be enough to reverse climate change, we need to remove the excess carbon in the atmosphere in order to make meaningful progress towards healing our planet.

We can help solve this problem by empowering local communities to grow trees which are harvested to produce a clean, renewable fuel, and biochar - a solid form of carbon which, when added to soil, is taken out of the Carbon Cycle for hundreds to thousands of years.

Very importantly, we bring wealth to the local community without disturbing their traditional way of life.

Planting a tree campaign







Our Sponsors

We need You! Your generous contributions both, as personal and as corporate sponsors, are vital to the success of this campaign. It needs to snowball across Sri Lanka, Asia and beyond!

This campaign is about more than just providing income, or planting trees. The families will be empowered with sustainable income and a shared vision as their trees sequester carbon to combat environmental damage. When people learn to see the value of their environment and how it is connected to their living standards, they become vigilant partners in protecting it.


You can make a difference in the lives of smallholder farmers and the environment.