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A partnership program with local community to cultivate fast-growing trees on their land.

Location:  Weerawila, Sri Lanka
Highlight: 500 acres land; 150 households

What do we work?

We have identified a group of farmers – approximately 150 families – who have welcomed our assistance and have a high likelihood of success. These farmers provide their expertise in cultivating the trees, as well as their land, labour, and an inspiring sense of ownership.

This campaign is about more than just providing income, or planting trees. The families will be empowered with sustainable income and a shared vision as their trees sequester carbon to combat environmental damage. When people learn to see the value of their environment and how it is connected to their living standards, they become vigilant partners in protecting it.

We need you!

Your generous contributions both as personal and as corporate sponsors, are vital to keep this going and make it grow. It needs to snowball across Sri Lanka, Asia and beyond!